For employers who are new to the workers' compensation system or who need a refresher. The focus of these seminars will be on providing introductory information for employers in the workers' compensation system.

Intro to WorkSafeBC & Employment Standards

(Victoria Only)

If your business has employees or may have employees in the future you need to know about Workers' Compensation (WorkSafeBC - WCB) and B.C. Employment Standards and how they apply to your business.

WorkSafeBC (WCB) topics include:
• Mandate and authority of the Workers' Compensation Board;
• Legal rights and responsibilities of employers;
• WorkSafeBC definitions of employer, worker, manager, supervisor, etc.

Employment Standards topics include:
• Basic standards and responsibilities;
• Determining an employee, a manager, or independent contractor;
• Wage rates, pay statements, and record keeping.

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Intro to WorkSafeBC

This seminar provides information on claims management, assessments and occupational health and safety. This seminar is of particular interest to newly registered employers.

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