Due Diligence: Enforcement (Webinar 2 of 2)

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Description: This 90 minute webinar will build on the concepts covered in "Due Diligence: The Basics (Webinar 1 of 2)" and further explore the elements of due diligence. Managers and Supervisors will gain a better understanding of the legislative and regulatory requirements necessary to demonstrate due diligence in their workplace. This webinar may also be of interest to Human Resource and Health & Safety practitioners (including Joint Committee Members). We recommend that participants complete “Due Diligence: The Basics (Webinar 1 of 2)” prior to registering for this webinar.

Topics covered in this webinar include:
• Understanding WorkSafeBC Inspections & Investigations,
• Responding/Establishing Due Diligence,
• Consequences of failing to prove Due Diligence (i.e. Administrative Penalties & Prosecutions).

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