Employers' Advisers Seminars

The Employers’ Advisers Office (EAO) conducts seminars on occupational health and safety issues, claims management (including reviews and appeals), and assessments (insurance). Advisers may also be available for public speaking engagements on these topics. To browse seminars, select a category below or view all seminars.

Seminar Categories


For employers who are new to the workers' compensation system or who need a refresher. The focus of these seminars will be on providing introductory information for employers in the workers compensation system.

Occupational Health & Safety

These seminars will provide an overview of the legislative and regulatory requirements for Occupational Health and Safety.

Claims Management

These seminars will assist employers on managing workers' compensation claims, the return to work process, reviews, and appeals.


Information sessions geared towards a specific topic or subject matter. These sessions will generally be offered as a result of new legislation, regulations, policy or practice directive.

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